How To Be Happy!

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Since starting this blog just a couple of short weeks ago,

I have already received a few private messages from people wanting to know exactly what I did to overcome the difficult times in my life.

You know, it just wasn’t one thing.  It was many.

I researched and read the teachings and thoughts of many people including:

Please visit my review pages and follow my upcoming blogs if you want to know more about these books and resources.

You already know that I worked with a life coach in the early days too.  Certainly if I find myself becoming ‘stuck’ in my life again, I do revert to doing some more sessions with her.

Over the coming weeks and months I am going to revisit many of the courses, books and lessons I have learned and go through them with you.  Some will resonate with you and some may not appeal.  That’s absolutely fine.  Some books have profoundly changed my outlook of life; some have caused me to completely re-evaluate my daily routine and approach, whilst others have merely just added one more little string to my ‘coping with life’ bow.  All have compounded my learning and understanding;  I will continue to learn and grow every day that I am on this beautiful Earth.

I’m also going to try out new books and courses and give you my honest opinion on anything new that I read or try.

But Ruth, whilst I wait for your future blogs, what can I do right now?

I think one of the best pieces of advice I could give you right now, would be to just stop!

Feel happy, blessed and grateful for the good things in your life at this precise moment.

Pursuit of Happiness QuoteWe live in a world dominated by the pursuit of happiness.  There will always be someone with a fancier house, a faster car, a bigger salary, a prettier garden, a more successful business.  The list just goes on and on.  We could spend our whole lives chasing the dream, pursuing the happiness….and never getting there.  Once you get the thing you thought you wanted, then you start to look for the next thing to try and create that happy ‘I’ve made it feeling’ yet again!!

If you are doing this, for now, stop!

Stop starting your sentences with “I will be happy when……..” 

Please be happy now… this exact moment.

Of course, you must also set your goals and have your dreams.  That is essential and I believe whole-heartedly in the importance of doing this, but start with ‘stopping.’

Take stock.  Even if your world is completely upside down right now.Happiness Like a Butterfly

Feel happy for the good things in your life right now.

Write a couple of these things done.

Affirm these by saying out loud “I am happy and grateful for…..”

Then you can move on to working on staying in your happy place and creating the life you really want.

Life will always be a work in progress…..Let’s be happy whilst we work.


The Swan Doctor