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“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

– Henry Ford

Establishing a successful blog, coaching practice and consultancy whilst also bringing your best self to a full time job takes stamina, commitment and 24/7 dedication.  The Swan Doctor has dreamed of her team and her ultimate vision is big!

It all seemed light years away BUT sometimes your dream team is right there in front of you. And by the way, if you are questioning or trying to understand the benefits of coaching, it was MY Coach who pointed out the opportunity and solution sitting right in front of me! (Thank you Lewis Raymond Taylor!)

Meet The Team!


Dr Ruth Miller-Anderson

Success & Transformation Coach for Female Entrepreneurs 

Pharmacist, Academic & Founder of The Swan Doctor

Ruth has been a registered pharmacist for over 20 years.  She was always interested in research and did her PhD and postdoctoral fellowship at the Russell Group University, Queen’s University Belfast, where she subsequently lectured.  Ruth then moved into entrepreneurship and worked as a consultant whilst also running three businesses including a busy coffee shop.  Ruth moved back into employment but her entrepreneurial streak would not rest.  Having been in receipt of business and life coaching, Ruth knew the benefits of having your cheerleader in life ensuring you realise your full potential and established The Swan Doctor through which she blogs, speaks and coaches.  Ruth specialises in coaching entrepreneurs who aren’t feeling fully aligned with their current business, hold deep-held desires and goals, and want to not just appear successful, but truly want to FEEL the joy and benefit of real success in their lives.

Alan J Anderson

Business Development Manager & Sales Coach

Alan has more than twenty years sales experience as a sales executive and sales manager with high-end luxury brands, most recently, and predominantly, with BMW.  Alan understands how essential it is to identify the pain points in your life that his product can help resolve.  He’ll identify your priorities and match you to what The Swan Doctor can offer and will deliver. Alan is results driven and only offers and sells the best quality products that money can buy.

Alan has a dual role in The Swan Doctor operations.  As well as supporting the development of the business and helping The Swan Doctor realise its vision, he offers his own coaching packages for individual sales executives and sales teams.

Do you want to get a role in sales?

Are you already in a sales role but struggling to meet the targets set by your company?


Are you struggling to help your sales team hit the goals you set for them and can’t seem to identify what the issues are?

Alan can help via individualised sales coaching and mentoring for you and your team.


Don’t just sit in your zones of incompetence (!), competence or even excellence!

Work with us to find your true potential, smash through that glass ceiling and find your ‘zone of genius’ accompanied by abundance, satisfaction and true life success.

Contact us now to arrange a FREE discovery call to see how we can help you and/or your team.


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