Creating my Vision Board

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Wedding Day count downFebruary already? Really? Where on Earth did January go? This year is flying by and pressure is mounting as I realise I need to really get a move on with planning my wedding this September. All the ‘big things’ are sorted, but the details ….eeeeekkkk! I shall remain calm…..remember the swan…..

Certainly New Year is all about resolutions, promises and goals, some we keep and most fall by the wayside.

This year I thought I would have some fun with this and create a Vision Board both for myself and also my daughter Sophia. Sophia loves everything about The Swan Doctor and we chatted about the things kids would love to do to help them to achieve their goals and dreams. So we decided to make ‘Dream Boards’ together. I very much believe in teaching children life and personal development skills but it has to be made relevant and fun for them.

As it turned out, Sophia and I had a great fun and had many laughs creating ours. Truthfully it became an exercise that provided us with quality ‘mother daughter’ time and stimulated memorable conversations. We spent most evenings over a period of one week chatting about what we already have and feel grateful for, as well as identifying specific things we wanted to achieve or have in our lives. I don’t think we created the most perfect boards, but they represented so much more than just our goals by the time we finished them.

Ruth's Dream BoardSophia preferred my board but it was actually much too cluttered for clear goal setting and visualisation; she actually produced a more effective board with clearly laid out areas about her school life, family life and things she wanted to achieve. It now sits proudly beside her bed where she can focus on it every day and her little subconscious mind will set to work on helping her achieve her dreams. Incredible life lesson and skill for a ten year old.

Vision (Dream) boards are excellent tools to help you visualise and focus on your goals. Using strong images and statements on a vision board prompts your mind to get to work tirelessly on helping you to achieve them.

It’s also important that your vision board reflects not just what you want to own but also how you want to feel.

You can create your own board ‘DIY style’ as Sophia and I did using the following items:

Any kind of large board, cardboard or canvas at least size A3.

A pin board can be useful and can look more attractive.

Scissors, tape, glue, pins if using a pin board.

Stickers, glitter and other embellishment, especially if doing this with your children.

Markers/Sharpies/Highlighters. Sophia and I had two large packets of Sharpies, two pairs of scissors and two bottles of glue so we wouldn’t fight over them!!

Old magazines to cut out images and statements that inspire you and reflect your dreams and desires.

Most importantly, protected time. Sophia and I dedicated an hour or two every night.

Even More Important – Put away your phone, iPads and other gadgets when doing this – this should be precious and uninterrupted time!

You can alternatively create digital dream/vision boards using an APP.

I’ve tried these APPs several times but never really felt they were effective and user friendly until I VIMnow APPrecently started using the VIM APP. I came across this on Pinterest a few weeks ago and haven’t looked back. VIM enables you to create your digital VIM Board with deadlines and notes added to each of your goals.

I initially started with the FREE VIM Essentials – seven days of personal development exercises and daily inspirational messages.

For example, today my phone has just notified me with this ‘Only by seeking challenges can we hope to find the best in ourselves.’ (Robert Rodriguez).

There’s also an online journal for you to document your feelings and progress. Another thing I’ve struggled with is maintaining a journal but the VIM APP gives you an audio/video message and an exercise to document your response to this with opportunities to reflect on your writing the following day. It’s incredibly powerful and having responded well to this and making interaction with this ‘life coach in my pocket’ APP a daily occurrence.

So….I’m typing from my ‘sick bed’ today. I’ve had a heavy cold for a few days. My body is telling me to rest and I’m indulging in some ‘self-care.’ I have a tendency to overdo things and my body never thanks me for it.


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